Disaster Recovery Planning

Disaster Recovery Planning goes hand in hand with BCM and is focused on the advanced planning and preparations which are necessary to minimize loss and ensure continuity of the IT services in support of the critical business functions of an organization in the event of a disaster. This will ensure that the Organization has the ability to respond to, and recover from, an interruption in IT services by implementing an IT disaster recovery plan to restore the organization’s IT services in support of the critical business functions.

A Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP)b is the document that defines the resources, actions, tasks and data required to manage the recovery process in the event of an interruption or disaster. The plan is designed to assist in restoring the IT services in support of the business processes within the stated disaster recovery goals and serve as a blueprint for survival.

Service Description

Customer Benifits

The services offered by MentPro will be to provide a concise guide to the Disaster Recovery Planning Process for the client, and to facilitate the development of IT disaster recovery plans in support of the CUB business to enable recoverability in the event of a disaster.

  • Assess the effects of losing their IT services
  • Identify critical services and applications that must be maintained
  • Identify recovery time frames and priorities for IT services
  • Identify recovery strategies and procedures for IT services; and Develop an IT Disaster Recovery Plan with sufficient detail to recover from a disaster in support of business continuity requirements

The benefits of Disaster Recovery Planning is a general reduction of risk to a company’s IT services and in the event of a disaster:

  • The ability to recover IT services in a controlled manner;
  • Reduction of lost time; and
  • Minimal interruption to the company’s business

Service Cost

Pricing for this service is based on an hourly rate depending on the size and nature of the organization.

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