Virtualization and Optimization Planning

This offering provides a service whereby MentPro Capacity Specialists will conduct analysis and modeling exercises with a view to producing virtualization and optimization plans for the client. This enables the client to confidently and effectively optimize and achieve the benefits of virtualization in their environment. MentPro makes use of proven technology and methodologies to fulfill this service.

Service Description

Customer Benefits

The service offered by MentPro provides clients with the opportunity to make use of toolsets and experienced skills in order to plan for virtualization and optimization within their environments.

  • Definition of the proposed scope of the exercise with the client
  • Collection of resource utilization data using proven methodologies and toolsets
  • Creation of baseline models
  • Modeling and prediction of the future state
  • Scenario analysis
  • Creation and presentation of the virtualization and optimization plan
  • Post exercise measurement and review
  • An indication as to whether virtualization or optimization is possible within the organization
  • An indication of the future state and benefits that will be realized from the optimization and virtualization exercise
  • The ability to perform this analysis without requiring expensive toolsets or in-house skills

Service Cost

Pricing for this service is based on a fixed price basis dependent on:

  • Number of technologies / servers / partitions that require analysis

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