Monthly Managed Service and Reporting

Organizations are finding it harder today to adhere to good IT governance and best practice guidelines for a number of reasons. The first deals with lack of human resource and time commitment of existing staff. The second is primarily due to the exorbitant costs of toolsets that are required to perform certain key functions. Many organizations cannot justify the costs of this type of software and the specialist skills that are involved in performing these functions. As a result of this need MentPro offers a set of services which will ease the cost and effort required by organizations in performing these functions. MentPro has acquired and hosts the software required for certain of the services. This affords organizations substantial cost savings due to economies of scale that MentPro has achieved. The service can also be viewed as an operational expense by the organization. The organizations also benefit as a result of not having to employ full time specialist staff to perform functions that do not by nature require full time resource. In addition to the above MentPro is able to offer a multi-tiered offering to organizations that will suit their needs and budget. MentPro offers a service to organizations that are backed up by specialist skills with experience in excess of 400 man years.

Service description and benefits

Service Description

Customer Benefits

The services offered by MentPro provide clients with the opportunity to take stock of their system’s capacity at key points, thus anticipating future needs and pre-empting any issues. The service offered covers a wide variety of options tailored to the client’s needs

  • Tier 1 – Standard Automated Capacity Reports – Web based or hardcopy or both
  • Tier 2 – Capacity Planning. Modeling and Forecasting including Business Discovery
  • Tier 3 – Performance Management
  • (Any tier includes the tiers above it. Mix and match also possible)
  • No Once-off Capital outlay for software
  • Substantial cost savings due to syndicated costs of software – decreasing from year 2
  • Includes the cost of manpower
  • Minimal disruption to existing staff
  • Specialist expertise
  • Mix and match of tiered offering

Service Cost

Detailed pricing is available on request.

Additional Information and Related Services

  • The consol and control server will be hosted at the MentPro computer site
  • Prior to the provision of services, the user Department must identify the following:
    • Server hardware and operating system software (Note: This information will be included in the contract. Changes to server hardware or operating system will require an addendum to the contract and may incur an additional fee if the new hardware or operating system is non-standard.)
    • Applications that will be housed on the servers
    • Identify key stakeholders for monthly management reporting

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