Capacity Toolset efficiency and ROI review

This offering provides a service whereby the use of the Capacity Management toolset at the client’s site is analyzed. This is in order to ascertain whether the client is realizing the full benefits of the toolset. Typical software for Capacity Management is not cheap and is seldom exploited to the extent that it provides a decent return on the investment.

Service Description

Customer Benefits

The service offered by MentPro provides clients with the opportunity to take stock of their Capacity Management toolset and reporting mechanisms. This service is delivered by means of a presentation and management report.

  • Assessment of the Capacity Management toolset and use thereof
  • Assessment of the toolset output and its significance
  • Assessment of the customization level of the toolset
  • An indication as to whether the toolset is being utilized to its full potential
  • A Roadmap for the effective and beneficial use of the toolset

Pricing for this service is based on a fixed price basis dependent on:

  • Number of technology platforms that are tooled.

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