Capacity Process Establishment

This offering logically follows on from the Capacity Process Maturity Assessment offering. It is the implementation of the Roadmap that is typically formulated during the maturity assessment. Many organizations usually understand the need to have some form of Capacity Management in a re-active mode. They need to realize quick wins in this arena and often do not have the specialist skills that are typically involved in performing these functions. The policies, processes and interfaces with other disciplines are established in accordance with industry best practice guidelines. This offering also offers the development and training onsite of suitable candidates either provided by MentPro or by the client. Consultancy to client management is also undertaken as a sub-option of this offering.

Service Description

Customer Benifits

The service offered by MentPro assists clients in the establishment of the Capacity Management process and policies within their organizations. This service also includes a tiered offering as outlined in the Monthly Managed Service and Reporting offering. As a result of this service the following is undertaken.

  • All relevant policies and processes are defined. These are documented and agreed by the relevant teams. The major deliverables include:
    • Documented and agreed Policies
    • Documented and agreed Procedures / Processes (including Work Instructions)
    • Documented RACI (Responsible, Accountable, Consulted and Informed) chart defining inter-departmental accountabilities and responsibilities
    • Procedures for agreement and accountability of Business Discovery growth assumptions
    • Establishment and agreement of relevant OLAs
    • Assessment of the Capacity Management Discipline and its success within the organization
    • Definition and agreement on monitoring and toolset mechanisms
    • Definition and agreement on the scope of the Capacity Management function
    • Definition of Capacity Management reporting for all levels of stakeholders
  • Phased rollout of the entire discipline to identified technologies and systems
    • Business Discovery Interviews resulting in the creation of growth assumptions documents
    • Baseline Construction
    • Growth Forecasts
    • Requirements assessments
    • Capacity Plan construction
    • Capacity Reporting – Business, Service and Resource level
    • Quarterly accuracy assessment – forecast vs. actual
  • Review of the Capacity Management process
  • Presentation of the Capacity Plan to IT stakeholders and the business
  • This involves the rollout of the procedures as defined in accordance with the agreed policies. This is also only possible once toolset mechanisms and scope have been agreed.
  • Establishment of a critical discipline that will operate effectively within the organization and deliver all the typical benefits associated with sound Capacity Management.
  • Provides organizations with a quick start enabling benefits to be realized in a shorter timeframe than would normally be the case.
  • This is usually done in conjunction with in-house staff in order to promote skills transfer and empowerment. As the in-house staff becomes more trained and familiar with the discipline – external involvement is reduced.

Service Cost

  • Number of business units within the organization and their demographics
  • Size of organization and number of technology types
  • Number of Servers and tooling
  • Maturity of the organization with regard Capacity Management Process
  • Contract period
  • Fixed prices can be agreed based on a phased approach whereby approval for the next phase is obtained on successful completion of the prior phase

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