Business Discovery Studies

This offering provides a service whereby MentPro Capacity Specialists will conduct Business Discovery interviews on behalf of the client. This enables the client to receive business input as to what the expected growth is for selected applications and services. MentPro has a sound, tried and tested methodology whereby relevant techniques and processes are followed in order to gather estimates of expected growth within the organization. These estimates can then be forwarded on to the relevant teams who in turn can ensure that sufficient resource is provided to cater for future business demands.

Service Description

Customer Benifits

The service offered by MentPro provides clients with the opportunity to make use of experienced skills in order to gather critical input needed for the capacity planning process. The service spans the following:

  • Conduct interviews with relevant business entities in order to ascertain growth expectations for specific services and applications
  • Documentation of these interviews and creation of an assumptions model
  • Verification of the assumptions and sign-off by the relevant business personnel
  • An indication as to whether key services and applications will grow in the future
  • Improved Business and IT alignment
  • Reducing the necessity for IT departments to have specialist skills in the area of Business Discovery
  • Reduction in time commitments by in-house staff

Service Cost

Pricing for this service is based on a fixed price basis dependent on:

  • Number of interviews that need to be conducted

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