Capacity and Performance Management

“Understanding capacity is like understanding your strengths. It provides you with a competitive advantage and shows you whether your precious Rands are invested in the right assets”

“Capacity Management is no longer a nice-to-have process – it is now one of the most critical processes within Service Delivery”

We combine the best-practice IT processes with robust reporting, analysis and automation tools to give you real insight into the utilization, performance and cost of your IT environment. Armed with this knowledge, you’re perfectly placed to improve your current utilisation of your IT capacity and to plan for your future business needs.

Benefits of Capacity and Performance Management

  • Cost Avoidance.
  • Reclamation recommendations of under-utilised resource.
  • Our end-to-end service stretches across heterogeneous environments, enabling you to provide service guarantees with confidence.
  • We help you build a solid foundation for the future that helps reduce costs and improve efficiencies by optimizing the resource usage of your current infrastructure.
  • Demand Planning mechanisms are put in place.
  • The Capacity and Performance Management Service provides you with the insights you need to embark on new IT strategies and can be provided in the form of a hosted or non-hosted managed service, depending on your business needs. (see also our CPaaS offering).

The deliverables from our Capacity Management Service are as follows:

  • We will provide you with an assessment and roadmap that outlines where you are currently in terms of your implementation of Capacity Management and how you will improve the maturity of your Capacity Management processes in a realistic manner.
  • We will help you to implement performance and Capacity Management policies, processes and procedures that are aligned with industry best practices.
  • We will provide you with accurate performance analysis, reporting and historical trending information.
  • We will also provide you with recommendations about how you can cost-effectively optimise your IT infrastructure and promote cost-avoidance.
  • The final deliverable is an auditable and well-governed Capacity Management discipline within your organisation that positions you to meet current and future business requirements in a cost-effective manner.
  • We have a team of IT experts that have the knowledge and experience to help you introduce the Capacity and Performance Management discipline into your organisation in a value-add and sustainable manner.
  • Our Capacity Management Service is modular in nature and can be deployed in a way that is perfectly matched to the needs and budget of your business.

Our Methodology

We start a Capacity and Performance Management Service engagement by evaluating the processes you currently have in place. We then develop a comprehensive plan and roadmap to improve the maturity of your Performance and Capacity and Performance Management process. Along the way, you can start reaping a range of benefits as you begin to develop a better understanding of how effectively you are using your current IT infrastructure.

Typical Approach


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