Call Center Maturity / Effectiveness Review

Service Description

Customer Benefits

MentPro will perform an audit review of the current Call Centre environment so that the current maturity is understood. After which a GAP analysis will be performed to attain the required maturity This would include and not limited to the following:

  • Interviews with Stakeholders
  • Assess the Staffing
  • Review Roles and responsibilities
  • Review the Structure
  • Review the Infrastructure
  • Assess the Systems Architecture and Software
  • Review of the Policies and Procedures
  • Consistency and accountability in providing support to customers is ensured
  • Areas for improvement are identified
  • Employee morale is increased
  • Customer satisfaction is increased
  • A commitment to quality is demonstrated
  • Project development time is reduced by using proven processors and approaches
  • Achieving certification demonstrates tangible evidence of following best practice.

Service Cost

Pricing for this service is based on a fixed price basis depending on the size and nature of the call center and organization.

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