Business Continuity Planning Services (BCP)

MentPro specialize in Business Continuity Planning and Management.

Our primary objective is to allow the Executive to continue to manage their business under adverse conditions, by the introduction of appropriate resilience strategies, recovery objectives, business continuity and crisis management plans

This is done in collaboration with the customer, as a key component of an integrated risk management initiative and solution.

Benefits of our Services

Alignment of Business Continuity and IT Service Continuity Management is critical to conform with compliance requirements and one of the biggest challenges CIO’s face. ACA (a partner of MentPro), bring these two worlds together to ensure businesses adhere to regulatory requirements. When clients have a streamlined Business Continuity Plan in place they become resilient and ahead of their competitors as there business services are available continuously.

Our Deliverables

Business Continuity Planning Model
Our Deliverables

  • BCP Plans, processes and procedures.
  • Business Impact Analysis (BIA).
  • Disaster Recovery (DR) Tests.
  • Service Level Agreements (SLA’s).

Our Modular Suite of Services

Business Continuity

  • Assist client with the development of BCP plans.
  • Creation of Client BCP database.
  • Development of individual business process documentation.

DR Planning

  • Perform Business Impact Analysis.
  • Perform Risk Assessment and Vulnerability Audit.
  • Establish RTO (Recovery Time Objectives).
  • Establish RPO (Recovery Point Objectives).
  • Establish Crisis Control Committee.
  • Decide on High Availability or Offsite recovery requirements.
  • Assist in the development & documentation of recovery procedures per Hardware platform, Application, Network etc.
  • Perform regular reviews of DR plans and update accordingly.

DR Facilitation

  • Establish and maintain contracts with Offsite recovery centres where applicable.
  • Liaise with Recovery centre suppliers in respect of hardware and recovery seat requirements.
  • Educate recovery personnel on recovery priorities.
  • Provide co-ordination between all parties during recovery process.
  • Monitor and report recovery progress to client.

Conduct DR Testing

  • Schedule required number of test days with Recovery centre suppliers.
  • Ensure adequate recovery team resources are available for tests.
  • Agree testing scope with client and recovery teams.
  • Monitor and report recovery progress to client.
  • Provide audit report to client on completion of DR test.
  • Ensure that updates are made to recovery documentation where applicable.

Service Level Management

  • Assist in the preparation of Service Level Agreements.
  • Gather service level statistics from service providers.
  • Gather service level statistics from service providers.
  • Prepare service level reports.
  • Chair service level meetings.
  • Prepare service level reports.
  • Communicate action items.

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