MentPro hosted itSMF Event – A new Paradigm

MentPro hosted an itSMF event on the 30th of  October 2013 @ Nedbank’s office in Sandton. MentPro would like to thank Nedbank for providing the venue for the event.
This session was attended by more than 50 ITIL professionals from all over the industry (Financial Services, IT Consulting / Services / Software firms, Insurance, Government, Telecommunications).  This provided a platform to create awareness regarding the latest Service Management trends especially in the fields of capacity, availability and risk management.


Topic: A new Paradigm

The complexity of capacity, availability and risk management  has changed drastically over the last couple of years. Control for processing demand has moved into another dimension with the advent of Web based and Internet type applications. The world of mobile and cloud computing opens up new world of business processing and security risks that has been a grey, unknown area to most organisations to date. Now users determine when processing takes place. This is not just for the typical capacity and availability components but for the application and internal systems software components as well.


Link to presentations:

MentPro Capacity Presentation itSMF 20131030 v1.02

MentPro Availability Presentation itSMF 20131030 v1

Risk Presentation



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