About Us

The Company

The MentPro team comprises of Business Specialists, Management Specialists, Strategists, IT Professionals, Risk Managersand Project Managers.
Our methodologies are based on industry accepted best standards and practices in accordance with COBIT 5, ISO 20000 and ITIL V3.
We have a track record with large corporates and parastatal organizations, maturing their Service Disciplines from reactive to a proactive level.

Nature of our Business

The nature of MentPro’s business is to providethe following Information and Technology services:

  • Capacity and Performance Management
  • Capacity Planning as a Service(CPaaS)
  • Availability Management as a Service (AMaaS)
  • Risk Management
  • Business Continuity Planning

To corporate, public sector clients and small to medium size companies that are not positioned to employ dedicated resources for essential IT services such as Capacity Planning, Availability Management, Risk Management and Business Continuity Planning services.

Our business is to bring value to our clients by providing services at a cost effective rate. This is achieved by syndicating and sharing our resource usage across multiple clients, thus enabling clients to focus on their core business and avoid having to employ their own IT resources for these essential services.

Our solutions include on-site resources if required for the period of the contract, or cloud based support solutions, depending on the customers needs.

CIO challenges

The services we provide address the following CIO challenges:

  • Compliance and governance to comply with Audit
  • Ensure a Cost-effective IT operation
  • Proactive management of business demand on IT resources
  • Ensure maximum Availability Up-time of resources to provide service to your clients

MentPro adheres to best practice standards and guidelines in order to ensure compliance and governance

Information Technology Infrastructure Library
Control Objectives for Information and related Technologies
International Standards Organisation

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